Mobile contracts soon easy to terminate

New draft telecoms act encourages transparency and flexibility

The new telecoms act has not yet been approved by parliament, but it is clear that the rules are already changing in the sector. KPN/BASE is not waiting for the act, and recently launched two new subscription formulas of indefinite period (BASE C and BASE Check). These are free contracts with which, as a customer, you will no longer be tied to long-term obligations that you can only terminate by paying a high buyout fee. The new initiative of free contracts is not all. The sector will be confronted in the coming months with fundamental changes and challenges. Here is an overview:

Consumer can move freely

The various stipulations in the new telecoms act are all aimed at giving the consumer more choice and better protection. It will be easier and cheaper to terminate a mobile contract and switch to a different operator. Customers will be free after 6 months to switch, so the consumer’s freedom will quickly become a reality. But KPN/BASE is going further by offering free contracts without a termination fee.

More transparency in the sector

The freedom of mobile users was not the only important requirement of the consumer organisations – transparency in the sector was in urgent need of improvement. Banning subscription extensions by telephone is a step in the right direction. Agreement must in future be given in writing, with a cooling-off period of two weeks. And for domestic telephone traffic, a warning text message will soon be sent whenever the consumer is deviating from his usual pattern of calling or using internet access.

Implement the telecoms act quickly

KPN/BASE has always advocated more freedom for the consumer. But it is not up to the legislator alone: the operators themselves need to take action. With the initiative of BASE C and BASE Check, we at KPN/Base are taking a proactive step forward. KPN/BASE is taking the initiative and hopes that other operators will follow its example.

Focus on the consumer

The new telecoms act will bring many changes, which will certainly benefit the consumer. For that reason, we are taking things further than the telecoms act and don’t want to wait until it is approved. It is important to KPN/BASE to guarantee the protection and freedom of the consumer.

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